Viaggiatore (traveler) by Pal Zileri is a design project born of a desire and a dream; bringing together style and time for travel to far away places; shortening the distances between classic and fashion. The passion indicates the right way; passion for fabrics, passion for the sartorial construction of a suit, passion to wear a suit that represents your lifestyle.


The capsule collection "Viaggiatore" by Pal Zileri, born in collaboration with the wool mill Fratelli Tallia di Delfino, is getting bigger every season.

Fratelli Tallia di Delfino has been producing beautiful fabrics since 1903 in Biella, creating amazing luxurious textures worldwide.

From this "Super 130 " fibre, created through a weaving process that engages the nanotechnologies in more than a century of tradition, a smart fabric has been produced with the following properties: natural stretch, breathability, crease-resistant, waterproof and antibacterial.

A core technique that does not alter but actually enhances the “hand made” characteristic of the famous draperies in Biella.

Fashion designers and tailors at Pal Zileri, working with this refined raw material, have created the perfect outfit for a traveler who crosses occasions and different places, following an idea of style between sartorial culture and modern dynamism. The sartorial construction of this particular suit enhances the properties of the fabric used.

The needle and thread method can create clothes that are capable of responding to the movements of the wearer, and fit the body perfectly, growing with the usage. In the Viaggiatore collection, this tradition continues in the suit and the blazer; perfectly matching fabric, style and comfort.


The Italian full-canvas suit