The front covers of Life, the style of the legendary Wall Street and Madison Avenue magnates, the sophisticated elegance of Hitchcock actors: this is the rich imagery from which the Pal Zileri Fall Winter collection takes its cue.

Formal wear coordinations come in various shade of grey, from light mixed with antique pink, to anthracite brightened by a mustard accent colour. Alternatively, greyed blues or navy blues have cornflower blue or violet effects, while the natural world of beige and brown chooses a brilliant blend of scorched leather.

Exclusive patterns are enhanced by ultra-fine fabrics in super 130's and 150's wool.
Melange, grisaille, mouliné and Prince of Wales micropatterns, with crossing threads in various colours are the result of research inspired by the Fifties, which re-uses fulled and pinstriped fabrics, synonymous with style and elegance in that period, reinterpreting them in ultra-light flannels.

The silhouette of garments has been restyled to be slightly more fitting at the waist, with narrower updated lapels and a softer shoulder construction.

Lightness is exalted in PIUMALANA garments, designed to exalt the qualities of two extraordinary natural fibres: jackets and coats to wear with extreme nonchalance, made of ultra-light cashmere fabrics linings filled with genuine goose down. A skilful sartorial cut supports the ultra-fine core in lightweight down, respecting the canons and fits of formal elegance, while guaranteeing all the comfort and warmth of a padded garment.

The Concept collection focuses on a harmonious mix of light fabrics, giving an opaque look and mix of fabrics on the same garments (such as cotton wool or cotton nylon). The vintage aspect is the key element, highlighted by different washes in trousers and shirts.  
The lightness is also reflected in the construction of soft items; jackets and coats  fit  the body perfectly, creating a sartorial look.