PAL ZILERI collection S/S 2013

The choice of fabrics reveals deep sartorial inspiration, tending towards natural materials: WOOLS, SILKS and LINENS united by an exclusive and updated search. The hands envelop and drape a sensorial variety ranging from SUPER 150's ultra-fine wools to rounded crepes with basketwork effect structures.

Colours move with consummate balance between MID GREYS mixed with LAVANDER BLUE teamed with LAVANDER accessories, while solid NAPLES BLUES are crossed with a brilliant CYCLAMEN that picks up on the threads of the design.

The LIGHT GREYS are enhanced by an ANTIQUE PINK in various nuances, while NATURAL BEIGE ranges through to LEATHER BROWN to merge with the extraordinarily sharp BRICK accent colour.

The more summery garments in the collection include PASTEL jackets in wool, linen and mohair with light horn buttons.

THE EXCLUSIVE FABRICS are produced with special summertime blends such as WOOL-LINEN-MOHAIR or the exquisite WOOL-SILK-LINEN and CASHMERE

The BLAZER is revisited through a continuous sequence of details: GINGHAM linings, thin stripes with coloured piping, Melton undercollar personalized by the logo and buttons in the same colours as the collection.

Fittings confirm a very slender-waisted silhouette. Soft shoulders have shirt-type armholes. Lapels are slightly tapered, while the flat fronted trousers have narrow bottoms.

MOSAIC shirts are once again a signature PAL ZILERI proposal.

They deliver quintessential creativity and MADE IN ITALY, with sophisticated detailing that intersects 3 or 4 different fabrics.

This season, HIGH-END CASUAL wear once again presents an ITALIAN-MADE segment showcasing LUXURY materials.

ULTRA LIGHT SOPHISTICATED materials for waterproof and field jackets in cotton and silk with leather detailing.

ULTRA COMFORT with waterproof stretch nylon, a fabric that allows the wearer superb freedom of movement.

ULTRA SOPHISTICATED materials like self-coloured CRÊPE LINENS in double twisted yarn or MADRAS fabrics mixed with ultra-fine SUEDE leather for a ´60s BOWLING jacket.

The design reveals precise and clean lines, for an updated look, in line with current trends.

Inspired by the suspended and rarefied atmospheres of the famous film "Il Postino", the Concept collection has two moods: lightness and comfort with a Mediterranean twist. The colours, never bright, but dusty as if faded by the sun and by the thrashing of the wind, are sky blue, beige, light grey, around which turquoise green, orange, yellow and lilac revolve. Pure cottons or cottons mixed with linen (also yarn dyed) are mainly stretch. Original double-sided fabrics, with prints or different shades of the same colour on front and back.

Colours and yarns reminiscent of elegant marine atmospheres also in the trousers made with light and comfortable fabrics, in the floral print shirts and in the piqué or jersey cotton polo shirts. Tricot, in gauge 3 and 5, only in natural fibres and in powdery colours, has a leading role in the collection. Jackets are all unlined and deconstructed, while fabrics have light, breathable and comfortable structures.

hinos sport an abundance of sartorial details which make them highly representative of the collection: linings, buttons and various accessories are specifically created to add value to a deliberately exclusive garment. The same philosophy applies to the 5-pocket model designed as an object to be discovered gradually over time, which will not immediately unveil all its many little secrets.

The sportswear, both in cotton and nylon, blends with the 3 fundamental colours of the collection, giving a sensation of lightness.

For the sleeve units, the starring role goes to an iconic jacket proposed in 3 fabrics: an ultra-light nylon, double-faced cotton and fancy yarn-dyed nylon. Another original garment is the unlined waterproof jacket combined with several fabrics including a Prince of Wales check blended in very fine nylon. In addition stretch nylon, also ultra-light, waterproof and breathable, creates a restyled, on-trend field jacket that combines technical performance with practicality, proving to be one of the key garments of the collection.

In line with market trends is the proposal of vest, short jacket and quilted, injected goose down jacket. This is the maximum expression of lightness, comfort and warmth. Every garment mixes the colours of the collection, proposing the latter as the common thread linking a never-ending variety of combinations.