The quality of a good suit can be seen by wearing it. However, to fully understand this quality it is necessary to... take it apart.It is the inside of the garment that makes the difference between a regular suit and a quality suit. The choice of materials determines its wear and appearance, the construction techniques guarantee fit and style.


These are the details that we want to examine.


Firstly, the underlying fabrics;

the PAL ZILERI suits are made with only natural fibres: camel hair, horse hair, pure cotton and wool. The underlining and interfacing create the framework for the suit. The front quarters in fabric are placed on this framework with pure cotton stitching; this technique ensures the appearance and durability of the garment in time. The shoulders have pure cotton padding worked into the front underlying fabrics giving the jacket a soft, natural effect. The under collar, made in pure cotton felt, it is sewn, with natural fibre thread, to the interfacing in jute. The suit lining is in bemberg; The white striped lining of the sleeves is hand sewn at the armholes. The lower part of the armhole is protected by an underarm lining. All the pockets are in pure cotton with reinforced stitching.


There are three inside pockets; two slit pockets, the lower of which has been adapted for small objects or keys; the third pocket, on the opposite breast front, is in the new air-plane ticket size, with a button hidden by a triangular flap.  

The right outside pocket is provided with a small coin inner pocket. The buttons are in shell or bone depending of the type of fabric used. The diameter of the front buttons is 32 mm while that of the sleeve buttons is 24 mm. The for button sleeve cuff can be made with buttonholes to be open upon request.
All suits come with extra button in both sizes.


Particular attention is given to PAL ZILERI suits in all phases of their design and tailoring.
All suits are individually inspected and examined in order to guarantee long-lived high quality performance. Should the customer's proportions change the suit has been designed with extra fabric within the seams that will allow to let out of up to 4 cm for the jacket, 5 cm for the pants at the waistline and 2 cm at the crotch.