The proposal of the Gruppo Forall lines can be summarized as follows: an ideal based on elegance that is capable of selecting the most suitable means of expression to interpret any occasion: from the formalities of a working engagement, to the solemnity of a ceremony, and ultimately the desire for escapism during free time.

Pal Zileri represents the most important line produced by the Gruppo Forall. Suits, jackets and overcoats that exalt the finest quality of the materials (some of them exclusively manufactured) through a sartorial workmanship, mostly done still by hand, as provided in the "canvassed" structure. Attention to cut and finish satisfies the tastes of those who identify with a classic but updated style, following the new trends in elegance. Shirts, knitwear and "under-jacket accessories" complete the most "executive" part of the Pal Zileri collection.

Pal Zileri interprets menswear for a man's leisure with the Concept range, where the designer's hallmark is characterised by innovative structures and details. Here the high quality of the materials is accompanied by the search for new shades and new finishing treatments in the cloth. Not just in bomber or pea jackets, but also in trousers, shirts, sweaters and accessories, all perfectly matched.

Quality and refinement find their most effective means of expression in the Sartoriale collection. The application of the collar, the top stitching on the inner lining and open cuffs, the camel underlining, etc.: all details created and developed through meticulous traditional workmanship, done entirely by hand. to produce garments that are quite perfect to wear. Only the finest materials, such as cashmere, guanaco, vicuna, pure Super Wools (200'S and more), are selected for this collection that represents the Pal Zileri luxury range.

Metropolitan, charismatic, innovator: this is the Lab man. Young in age and taste, interested in trends, but aware of his tastes. In fashion he seeks his own style, choosing each detail in person: a balance between different aesthetic interferences, which elegantly crosses the confines between classic and informal. Fabrics, patterns, colours and models propose a dynamic total-look, inspired by a profound need for originality. Lab by Pal Zileri is a collection that hybridizes languages and sensations characterized by the most contemporary elegance.

Pal Zileri Abito Privato is a service reserved for the more and more numerous followers of bespoke menswear. A dedicated team updates retailers on the measuring techniques and on the new fittings, organising Trunk Shows where specialised tailors meet consumers directly at the store's sales points. A protected Internet site completes the service offered to retailers, allowing them to consult the range of fabrics (produced exclusively for Abito Privato) and models, to place orders on line and check their progress.