Balance between modernity and tradition.

Classic: in this very word Pal Zileri sees both an ideal of elegance in permanent evolution and the energy and vitality of its entrepreneurial view.

Since 1970 the company has combined a modern productive logic – industrial and competitive – with attention to the quality of the product and a devotion to the customer coming directly from the Italian sartorial culture. The leading product of the company is still the Italian canvassed suit, an architecture of high-quality fabrics and handicrafts improved by generations of tailors.

Pal Zileri operates out of Quinto Vicentino, in the heart of the Veneto region but it has also become a well-known label in over 70 countries. The numbers, speed, service and sales force are those of a company projected onto a global scale. Professional ethics, passion and skill, are the qualities that characterise a business vision that aspires to the excellence that comes from a tailor's workshop. The key to Pal Zileri's success lies in the balance of these two elements: a brand that fully expresses Italy's dominance and confidence in the classic fashion sector.


Forall Confezioni is set up as part of a project by a group of businessmen already established and operating in the textile and clothing sector.

The Eighties

The partners decide to take on a more competitive identity, in terms of style and sales potential: the Pal Zileri brand is created. The company sets its sights on international markets and starts a co-operation policy with important brands of the Made in Italy. Soprani, Verri, Fusco, Krizia, Trussardi and Moschino entrust Pal Zileri with the production and distribution of their menswear lines. In a decade the turnover reaches 67 million Euros of which 19 million Euros represent foreign business.

the Nineties

The international expansion goes on. An innovative distribution policy, aiming at the opening of Pal Zileri stores, consolidates the labels' stronghold in the European, American and Asian markets.


The new century opens with a consolidated turnover exceeding 110 million Euros, of which more than half is earned abroad, thanks also to the strengthening of the Pal Zileri store network. The range offered is extended and developed, and tailor-made suits go hand-in-hand with more causal proposals put forward by new labels: “Pal Zileri Concept” and “LAB”, creating a total look with coordinated accessories: shoes and belts, watches and perfumes. The turnover in 2012 reaches 150 millions euro.