Our quality of life depends on the quality of what we think and what we feel.
Marco Aurelio

It is a constant attention to design, the initials that gather the company's choices in the development of the different lines. In more than thirty years the application of our rich sartorial tradition with innovative fashion has enabled the establishment of new criteria in elegance. From the Sartoriale to the Lab collection, one recognizes these same values of attention to detail and experience in the process of creating integrated menswear lines.

This ideal of excellence passes directly from the design to the selection of the materials.

In terms of fabric the privileged relationship with some of the world leading wool manufacturers guarantees a rare exclusivity to the Pal Zileri suits. Tests in printing and finishing, hybrid and innovative fabrics are distinctive marks of the innate propensity for innovation of the LAB line.

The workmanship of highly specialised workers completes the quality journey of the product. The technique of the canvassed suit demands years of training and it represents for the company a heritage of knowledge retained by a very loyal staff. Still today, even if many operations are industrialised, the human contribution remains an advantage coherent with the highest parameters of the 'Made in Italy' distinction.