The label originates from an experience that has roots in the principles of democratic, cross-border tailoring. It has developed in the Vicenza province, an area steeped in values and history, among the architectural oeuvres of Andrea Palladio, the workshops of goldsmiths and the distinctive taste of the Renaissance.
PAL ZILERI springs from an idea conceived by two entrepreneurs, Gianfranco Barizza and Aronne Miola, who in 1970 founded Forall Confezioni SpA, a firm centered on the Italian tradition and which, starting from its name – FOR ALL – emphasizes the attitude that was to leave a mark on its entire history.
Between the 80’s and 90’s, skilled craftsmanship, attention to detail and pride in its origins made PAL ZILERI a landmark in Italian fashion. Strategic distribution made PAL ZILERI well-known among discerning men worldwide. It was this international reputation that attracted it's current ownership structure. In 2014 Mayhoola for Investments, a Qatari investment company, acquired the majority stake in
PAL ZILERI while the remaining shares belong to Arafa for Investments and Consultancy – (Arafa Holding - AIVC), an Egyptian based public company.

Horizons are widened as the story unfolds. Originating from the same principles – tradition and craftsmanship – a new chapter is being written in which modern manufacturing technologies respond to contemporary need of the wellinformed man to identify the meaning of real luxury: uniqueness and time.
The worth of each PAL ZILERI garment lies in its added value: a label that tells the story of a certain jacket or pair of trousers.
In addition to the multiple hours required to produce each garment, many different manufacturing steps may be involved, up to 180 for a sartorial jacket. A special label applied to the jacket interior has the name of the seamstress who, with infinite patience and skill, carried out the work. A further cause for pride lies in the fact that the garment is entirely produced in Italy, locally in the Quinto Vicentino manufacture or supported by a network of Italian craftsmen selected for their excellent workmanship.



The concept of AVANT-CRAFT, a new approach that mixes traditional quality with a contemporary twist, is reinforced by loyalty towards cultural roots and territory. An avant-garde, experimental vision striking a balance between skills that are only apparently in contradiction.
PAL ZILERI signifies style. “The figure I find inspirational – states Mauro Ravizza Krieger, PAL ZILERI’s new creative director – is that of Mr. Halston, one of the most influential designers of our times: he interpreted modernity, sheer nonchalant elegance, by inventing a new classic.”
In January at the Milan Fashion Week, PAL ZILERI will be presenting the first collection of this new course.

Mauro Ravizza Krieger offers a synthesis of the collection's underlying principle: “What I propose is a new brand of metropolitan elegance, a cross between tailored garments and sportswear, between holy and profane, without losing a certain sobriety.”
PAL ZILERI chooses a language that is essential and goes right to the heart of the matter with passion, without indulging in pleasantries. Imagine a multitude of elements in a wardrobe that truly represents and protects us on all occasions, wherever we are.
Such a philosophy is consistent with our objectives, which envisage gradual business growth in Europe, the United States, the Middle East, Asia-Pacific countries and South America.



“Nothing happens by chance and my happiness is twofold: my first company experience was actually with PAL ZILERI over 15 years ago where they welcomed me as a student when completing my masters degree. Now we are going through a brand new phase and my commitment consists in making this excellent Italian company which I am particularly attached to, even more prosperous and international”. Paolo Roviera is PAL ZILERI’s new CEO. Born in 1970, his experience in the fashion industry spans for 15 years. In the past 10 years he has covered managerial positions with Ermenegildo Zegna, initially as director of the Zegna Sport brand and later directing EMEA.


Mauro Ravizza Krieger, PAL ZILERI’s new Creative Director, is an authority on men’s apparel. Born in 1967, he was just 20 years old when he started out, first as a stylist and then as a tailor. His passion and his career were both born in the sampling department of an important European archive of English fabrics and he was immediately assigned to the pattern cutting departments of some of the most prestigious tailors in London, Paris, Milan, Rome and Berlin. Before joining PAL ZILERI, Ravizza Krieger had worked as an external consultant for Italian manufacturers of luxury apparel and accessories (Loro Piana, Herno, Allegri and Caruso). He has collaborated to the repositioning of prestigious companies, working on their collections and product strategies.