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The name speaks for itself; Palazzo Zileri. An elegant landmark building in Vicenza and the birthplace of many timeless inspirations: From the Renaissance to the modern age, from solid stone that has transmuted over time to the delicate fabric of a world that’s constantly shifting.

Palladiana ispiration

The founders of the brand, Barizza and Miola, began their journey examining their surrounding full of Palladian-inspired aesthetics. So, they applied the architecture’s proportions and ratios to stunning, original tailored clothing with light, refined and harmonious style. With the idea that clothes, much like beautiful, awe-inspiring buildings, should be accessible to all, a new concept of ‘democratic tailoring’ was born. And so, a new company ‘For all’ was born, and in 1980 the high-end menswear brand Pal Zileri was launched.

A New Era

Today, the company is owned entirely by the Mayhoola Group’s investment fund, which in 2016 acquired 100% of the shares of Forall Confezioni S.p.A. To mark the company’s new era, Rocco lannone was appointed as the new Creative Director in July 2017. Staying true to his Italian roots, lannone brings his own innovative vision and aesthetic to enhance established menswear codes. In july 2018, Marco Sanavia was named Chief Executive Officer of Forall Confezioni S.p.A., owner of Pal Zileri.

Vicetiae natus

Internationally speaking, the company’s new organisation has broadened the reach of the brand’s style without sacrificing any of the pure Italian heritage that stems from its deep bond with Vicenza and the Veneto region.Pal Zileri’s garments are still, to this very day, made by expert craftsmen in Quinto Vicentino workshops located in the Province of Vicenza. Here, classic tailoring standards combine with a timeless elegance that, quite simply, surpasses any notion of ‘modern’ style.

Arbiter elegantiarum

Returning to its roots with an eye fixed squarely on the future under the guidance of Creative Director Rocco lannone, Pal Zileri is redefining traditional tailoring by giving life to a global, everyday men’s fashion experience. Sophisticated, creative and contemporary: the new world of Pal Zileri embodies a truly timeless aesthetic. Paving the way are a clear and defined set of principles, an array of outstanding colours and exclusive details that act as a tribute to individual style. Technical prowess and artistry come together to form new, elegant styles where the understated is very much a statement. With this in mind, Pal Zileri has chosen lagoon green as its new signature shade; a mixture of eternal beauty, tradition and modern style

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