Pal Zileri - FS FW18

Fall/Winter 18 Fashion Show

Rocco Iannone debuts at Pal Zileri in the role of creative director heralding a masculine character whose taste is rich symbols echoing different eras and whose expression is light and wide-ranging. The wardrobe of such a man breaks the orthodoxy of bourgeois dogmas avoiding cacophony and complacency. Nonchalant and dignified, a feather in his pocket as a crest, he uses vigorous and vibrant colors to manifest his calm rebellious personality, poignantly choosing the nuances that best match the different moments of his daily life.

Touch is always stimulated together with sight, in a synesthetic harmony of sensations that land clothing a narrative aura and a decisive kindness.


Milan, 15 of January 2018



Fall/Winter 18 Fashion Show Pal Zileri

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