Tadzio Room Pal Zileri

Pal Zileri presents Tadzio

The limited edition capsule collection in partnership with Rubelli.
Tadzio, the backpack. A limited edition capsule collection in special partnership with Rubelli and presented during Milan Design Week.
Tadzio has been revealed on April 16th in the renewed Pal Zileri flagship store in via Manzoni 20, Milan.
Combining tradition with modernity in the polymorphous portrait of a conscious man: this is the Pal Zileri ethos.
The revamp of the Milanese boutique offerers an environment that contains and amplifies such timeless values. These same qualities are combined in a transversal and trans-generational object to be at the crossroad of fashion and design. The object is Tadzio: a backpack.
A site-specific installation was conceived in the boutique, seaming past and present, marbles and fabrics.

Pal Zileri Tadzio
Pal Zileri Tadzio

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