The renewd boutique in Milan

The new retail concept

The touch-up of the via Manzoni boutique in Milano, the first step of a larger restyling project of the whole Pal Zileri directly-operated retail chain, stems from the intent of creative director Rocco Iannone to create an environment around the house: materially, a physical place that contains collections and products; metaphorically, a space that depicts a vision of style and masculinity. The two levels intertwine naturally: the choice of colors, materials, and lightning describe the Pal Zileri ethos while defining its habitat. Kindness, precision, and multiplicity guide the project: a light touch, Italian taste in the choice of elements, eclecticism in the mix. The works have been supervised by architect Dante O. Benini, who enhanced the creative concept through a subtle eloquent aesthetic and technical solutions. The boutique is imagined as a precious box in which large expanses of color define areas and functions, composing a pyramid in sequence that is refined and defined passing from the ground to the top floor, introduced by the façade defined by lighting elements and oxidized copper fixtures.

The laguna green of the entrance/register, thereafter, is followed by the peacock blue of the upper casual and lifestyle area, which rarefies in the tones of wood and chalk white of the tailoring and made-to-measure areas.

Jaipur pink, impalpable and delicately virile, characterizes the staircase that connects the three floors.

PZ Boutique
Rubelli Fabric

The path is marked by the choice of the finishings of dark woods, brushed bronze and fine fabrics created by the Rubelli maison. The latter, used to line a few walls and for the entire accessories room, create a dialogue between tradition and the present that is tangible like the weaving of silk threads used for brocades with the appearance of contemporary art decollages.

The nonchalant overlapping of history and modernity guides the choice of furniture, rugs and pieces of art: an amalgamation of eras and styles that stems from appreciation of beauty in its many facets. The present of the Pal Zileri environment is made of historical simultaneities harmonized in gentle frictions.

PZ Boutique

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