An opulent backpack for the urban dweller: Pal Zileri presents Tadzio during Milan Design Week

A transversal and trans-generational object imagined by creative director Rocco Iannone to be at the crossroad of fashion and design, which will be presented during Milan Design Week with a site-specific installation in the revamped Milanese boutique.
The object is Tadzio: a backpack. Tadzio, as the protagonist of Luchino Visconti’s Death in Venice, an ambiguous character whose liquidity of features and manners is surprisingly contemporary. Tadzio, as the nodal character of a cinematic tale linked to the sophisticated aesthetic values of Venice, a central place in the Pal Zileri narrative.
Tadzio is a functional backpack for the urban dweller. Available in five combinations made with the Rubelli fabrics.
The precious materials and the crest on the front pocket give a contemporary spin of unexpected contrasts.

Only twenty numbered pieces have been produced for each fabric, with an assortment of small accessories.

Discover Tadzio at our Milan Boutique, Via Manzoni 20, Milan.
Available from April 17th

Pal Zileri - Rubelli: a special partnership

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