Pal Zileri

Lookbook S/S 2024


For the Spring/Summer 2024 season, Pal Zileri welcomes you to the “Effortless Club”, an extraordinary club that makes inclusivity its most exclusive feature. It includes all those who identify with the relaxed elegance of the Brand and the choice of a contemporary style that transcends current trends to become an expression of personality.

The claim “Effortless Attitude,” born with the Fall/Winter 2020 advertising campaign, has been the theme of all the communication campaigns in the recent seasons. These campaigns focus on representing an Italian style free from the constraints of trends, consisting of garments designed to be worn and loved over time.

The choice of testimonials has also always followed an “Effortless” approach, focusing on people rather than characters. Professionals such as actors, designers, architects, entrepreneurs, and musicians have been selected to bring their experiences and interpretation of the brand into the narrative.

Over the years, a virtual club has emerged, populated by all those who have been part of the story of Pal Zileri’s “Effortless Attitude”.

The Spring/Summer 2024 advertising campaign brings together some of these talents in an unconventional club located in the streets of Milan, to which everyone is invited to access.

For the first time, Giulio Guglielmi, who was the protagonist in the Fall/Winter 2020 campaign; Stefano Rossi, who participated in the Spring/Summer 2021 campaign; Tommaso De Benedictis, the protagonist of the Fall/Winter 2022 campaign; Martin Cannavò, the testimonial of the Spring/Summer 2022 campaign; and finally, Andrea Tognon, who interpreted the Fall/Winter 2023 campaign, come together.

These five different men give five interpretations of Pal Zileri’s style, set in five abstract rooms of the Effortless Club, and captured through the lens of Stefano Galuzzi.

Lookbook S/S 2024