The Casual Shoes


Pal Zileri proposes a lineup of shoes which deliver a combination of elegance and contemporary cool designed for a man whose go-to mode is effortless edge.

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Casual shoes for men: comfort & elegance

A pair of men’s casual shoes has increasingly become a staple piece in any male wardrobe. Pal Zileri footwear is an ideal solution for anyone who wants a refined yet informal look because it also delivers incredible wearability and a contemporary aesthetic.

The defining characteristic of the casual shoe is its versatility, meaning it can be worn from the office desk to informal pre-dinner drinks.

Sneakers, loafers and ankle boots: the casual footwear lineup from Pal Zileri

A broad array so you can find something to fit any situation. A pair of sneakers are the perfect solution for a mellow yet curated look while a loafer or slip-on are a great choice when you need an extra dose of formality without having to forego comfort.

All Pal Zileri casual shoes for men are made of premium-quality materials and will meet the requirements of a modern man who wants to enjoy effortless elegance throughout his day. The perfect way to round off any look, this footwear will be easy to coordinate with the trousers, outerwear and all the other pieces of clothing available.


Enter the world of Pal Zileri and find the casual shoes you were looking for.