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From men’s leather backpacks to belts. Pal Zileri leather goods are an ideal complement to understated yet elegant outfits, providing a mixture of functionality, comfort and refinement that will enhance any look.

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Pal Zileri leather goods: leather backpacks and accessories for men

Over the past few years, the popularity of men’s leather goods has increased and the gap between functionality and sophisticated stylishness has been bridged to an astounding extent.

Pal Zileri’s leather accessories have been crafted from premium materials chosen for their natural durability and intrinsic beauty, and boast an aesthetic which conveys a sense of modern elegance.

The Pal Zileri belts and backpacks in leather are also in a league of their own for the top-quality materials, curated details and pristine lines, ushering in stylish sophistication without so much as a hint of excess.

All possible styling options for leather accessories

The elegance of Pal Zileri is the defining characteristic of all the leather accessories which can be combined endlessly, elevating outfits made up of trousers, suits, shirts and other pieces of clothing.


A leather belt is not only a functional detail that sets a refined mood, it is also a slick addition to any look that defines the waist and rounds off an aesthetic. On the other hand, a leather backpack is an iconic accessory that no contemporary man can be without because it achieves an ideal balance between practicality and style.

With its capacity for an irresistible distressed look over time, leather is a great choice for an accessory, bringing character and timeless appeal to any ensemble.


Discover Pal Zileri leather items.