Pal Zileri

F / W Lookbook 2020

Effortless Attitude

Milan, suspended between metropolis and monumental spaces, is the backdrop to the Pal Zileri A / W 2020 advertising campaign. The brand, synonymous with Italianness and quality since 40 years, has chosen an entire italian production to reaffirm the strong link with the aesthetic canons of its origin country. The lens is Stefano Galuzzi’s, an italian photographer well-known for his minimalist and uncoa ted aesthetic, who immortalized an empty and sporadically brutal Milan taken from the Garage delle Nazioni, with its unique view of the Velasca Tower, and from a deserted, almost metaphy sics Piazza Affari that becomes pure urban graphics recalling the artworks of De Chirico. It is on this stage that Marco Rossetti (actor) and Giulio Guglielmi (horserider) act, but without a default script, without forced poses, without looking for the perfect shot. It is a context of everyday urban routine that the brand wants to communicate, as in the everyday life, clothes are interpreted, experienced, creased, they become travel companions in which feel at ease. The claim strengthens this aesthetic choice: “Effortless Attitude”, which celebrates a modern and unforced masculinity, free from constructions and impositions. Cashmere coats, geometric textures sweaters, leather or sheepskin bomber jackets, suits with a perfect and ultra-contemporary fit, jackets worn with nonchalance and matched with casual trousers, become the indispensable accessories of the men's wardrobe, refined but concrete, precious but relaxed, made of garments to wear today and love forever.

Lookbook A / I 2020