Men's Accessories


The Pal Zileri accessories for men bear the signature stamp of the male-clothing brand and will be the ideal way to round off a diverse range of styles and outfits. This collection stands apart for its curated details and contemporary panache and was created for men who gravitate towards the effortless edge of the brand.

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Pal Zileri accessories for men: elegance lies in the details

Traditional accessories for men encompass a broad range of items and pieces of apparel. Pal Zileri taps into tradition, but applies its own distinctive twist with this collection of accessories which refreshes a classic aesthetic with contemporary charm.

It ranges from men’s leather accessories to ties, from silk to cashmere and from a pinstripe to a geometric pattern. The beauty of premier fabrics is brought to the fore by exquisite finishes, creating that effortless attitude which is typical of the brand collections.

A fresh take on men’s accessories: understated luxury and effortless elegance

One of the hallmarks of the collection of accessories for men is the ease with which they can be coordinated: shoes, belts and scarves can be effortlessly matched to other pieces of clothing in the various collections and worked into outfits that lend themselves to any occasion. What results is a sharp style which puts a new slant on classic canons and delivers a combination of comfort and chic.


Visit the Pal Zileri online store and pick the men’s accessories you like best.