A wedding, a meeting or a special occasion. Ease into elegance on those big memorable events with the Pal Zileri collection of men’s suits. From a smart three-piece suit for a classic refined vibe to a two-piece design for an eclectic yet elegant aesthetic. Each single garment delivers a combination of contemporary charm and sartorial superiority. For a man who likes to stand out from the crowd.

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Men’s suits - the elegance of Pal Zileri

Cherish those important moments in life with the collection of suits for men from Pal Zileri. Fine fabrics meet deft detailing and a perfect palette for a variety of models which will adapt to different styles and requirements, but always deliver incontrovertible style credentials. The lofty texture of wool, cotton and silk fuse with traditional know-how and an innovative spirit, giving rise to sophisticated modern garments made with a contemporary gentleman in mind.

A diverse lineup for iconic panache

Whether it is single- or double-breasted or with a two- or three-piece design, smart suiting is a keystone in any man’s repertoire. Suave-looking, lightweight and highly wearable, the men’s suits from the Pal Zileri collection include superbly-structured blazers to be donned with edgy waistcoats and modern trousers. Each single suit has been tastefully detailed and may be matched to garments from the other Pal Zileri collections. From shoes to leather goods and accessories in fabric, there could be no better way to amp up your look and leave a lasting impression.