Fabric accessories such as scarves and ties are amongst the most versatile pieces in the male wardrobe and possibly the ones which lay claim to the longest legacy. With this collection, Pal Zileri taps into the appeal of traditional styles and reworks the concept of understated elegance.

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Scarves, ties and pocket squares: accessories for a suave contemporary man

Fabric accessories are a fundamental way to elevate any look and add an instant punch of personality. The Pal Zileri collection of cloth accessories includes scarves, pocket squares and other items cut from top-quality fabric in a vast range of colours and patterns, making it easy for the contemporary man to round off his look to perfection.

The variety of textiles from lightweight cotton to superlative silk allows you to make the right choice for any occasion, whether it be for an exclusive event or informal evening outing. Cloth accessories for men are a means of expression and calling card that no man can afford to underestimate.

Freedom to match, freedom of expression

The huge array of fabric accessories has two common denominators: a modern design and versatile styling potential, allowing them to be easily coordinated with the other pieces of clothing. Adding a splash of colour and sense of depth, the accessories will be an ideal complement to the Pal Zileri suits, shirts and outerwear, contributing to an outfit that channels an effortless attitude.


Enter the world of Pal Zileri and explore the collection of men’s fabric accessories.