Men's outerwear


A mellow mood meets sartorial superiority. Or in other words, this is the Effortless Attitude which is so characteristic of the Pal Zileri male outerwear range - a collection which epitomises the brand’s signature elegance, comfort and contemporary cool.

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Men’s outerwear: the laid-back elegance of Pal Zileri

Pal Zileri outerwear for men is well suited to urbane self-assured globetrotting men who like to break the mould and are always on the lookout for new concepts and exciting scenarios. The use of exquisite materials with a soft drape and comfortable texture are the prime ingredients in these extremely versatile jackets. Easy-care highly-wearable garments which require little maintenance and keep you looking elegant for your everyday engagements.

This collection features a wide array of styles, including single-breasted and double-breasted jackets, car coats and down jackets, not to mention the casual range which includes bomber jackets, vests, parkas and varsity jackets in stretchy, breathable and hard-wearing fabrics.

A piece of outerwear in any style you want

With a palette which goes from classic colours to rich spicy shades, the collection of jackets and coats is the ultimate embodiment of elegance, practicality and colour.

A suave urban aesthetic is conveyed by the Pal Zileri outerwear for men. It can be elevated with a classic vibe when matched to a formal suit, a blazer or jacket together with our topwear, or otherwise it goes towards a cool chic look made up of casual trousers to be donned with some formal shoes.

Choose your piece of Pal Zileri outerwear.