Men's clothing


Formal apparel for men is underpinned by history, heritage and tradition, a winning combination which Pal Zileri reimagines and refreshes with a contemporary feel, creating a series of looks for men who want be remembered for subtle suaveness and refinement. Browse formalwear for men from Pal Zileri.

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Formalwear: everyday luxury

The men’s clothing by Pal Zileri perfectly epitomises the concept of effortless attitude where elegance and practicality meld naturally. A pristine aesthetic, faultless finishes and fine fabrics are doused in colours which range from neutral hues to bolder shades.

Pal Zileri has created a lineup of elegant clothing which eschews conventions and embraces a concept of contemporary cool without foregoing sartorial finesse. This all results in a series of garments which deliver an uncompromising style statement.

Men’s clothing by Pal Zileri: everyday outfits

The top-of-the-line formalwear falls into different categories: from outerwear to blazers and jackets and to trousers, all will contribute to building looks suitable for any occasion.


Enter the world of Pal Zileri and browse the offering in the online store. Discover the effortless ease of the collection.