The collection of Pal Zileri polo shirts for men includes short-sleeve & long-sleeve styles which will lend themselves to all kind of occasions, from formal events to more casual ones.

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Elegant men’s polo: panache without foregoing comfort

The short- and long-sleeve polo shirts for men by Pal Zileri perfectly bridge the gap between comfort and stylish sophistication. Versatile garments which transcend the traditional concept of casual wear and fuse practicality and understated elegance.

But elegance is nothing without comfort. Which is why this collection of polos for men has been cut from premium fabrics, such as wool, cotton, cashmere and silk which are light-as-a-whisper against the skin.

Polo shirts for men from Pal Zileri: suave separates for sporty outfits and polished looks

The smart polo shirts for men have been designed to channel a refined aesthetic. The sheer simplicity of this garment is belied by its ability to impress and it will be an excellent choice for occasions which call for effortless edge. The colour palette often tends towards neutral or restrained hues, boosting the overall versatility of a piece which can be worn either in an informal situation or a more formal one, especially when properly coordinated with one of the many options in our collections, such as the trousers, blazers and jackets or sweaters.

Pal Zileri polo shirts for men are a key piece in any male wardrobe, and bear witness to the fact that true class lies in curated simplicity.


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