Pocket Squares


Pocket squares are one of those accessories that a sophisticated well-groomed man cannot do without. They serve as a masterful finishing touch that will lift any jacket or suit out of the ordinary. The Pal Zileri collection of pocket squares was created to celebrate the legacy of this stylish detail, turning it into a contemporary item which taps into our signature effortless elegance.

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Pal Zileri pocket squares for men: stylish details for formalwear

If there is one accessory that epitomises the classic male tradition, it must be the pocket square.

Pal Zileri delivers elegant pocket squares for men in which the premium fabrics and attractive design reflect a fine balance between classic and contemporary and ensure a combination of functionality and stylishness.

The effortless attitude of men’s pocket squares

A pocket square is an accessory which enhances a host of different styles, from formal to casual, and serves a style statement to express your personality because style is all about small details.

From silk to linen and fine cotton, the Pal Zileri pocket squares adapt to any situation without every losing their ability to create a sense of effortless elegance and coordinating perfectly with the shirts and formal suiting.


Visit the Pal Zileri collection and find pocket squares to round off your more polished looks.