A tie for men is a cornerstone of the male wardrobe and an essential part of men’s aesthetic identity. This Pal Zileri collection celebrates this heritage piece, refreshing this tradition with elegant modern ties which will elevate the most formal looks.

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Men’s ties: timeless elegance for a contemporary look

The men’s ties from Pal Zileri are a staple part of any contemporary man’s repertoire. Any urbanite who wishes to stand out from the crowd and impress with his understated elegance needs to channel his personality through accessories.

Wearing the right tie is the best way to define an outfit. From a classic tie in a stripe or dotted pattern to more modern bold designs, they all embody effortless edge.

Men’s ties from Pal Zileri, halfway between formal and casual

Pal Zileri ties for men stand apart for their immense versatility; indeed they will dress up formal dressing with a modern twist, particularly if carefully coordinated with the suits and shirts.

The Pal Zileri ties for men stand in a league of their own for versatility and are suitable for all occasions, from the boardroom to off-duty evening events.

Discover the selection of Pal Zileri ties and find the one that suits your style best.